Cullum Stege

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Creator.

Cullum is an artist based in Australia, he is known for his work in film, commercial and branded content, music videos, dance videos, and photographs. his approach to his work is refreshing and unique.

With significant work with companies such as weis, suncorp, nitro circus, the house of sole, whisky and the moon, turlock & co, modus vivendi and more, Cullum has accumulated a range of experience and made a name for himself in many fields.

From the young age of 5 Cullum showed passion in the arts such as dance, drawing and creating. This path led him to Griffith where he studied a bachelor of film & screen media production. In 2015 he received best documentary for directing a piece on a local viral Brisbane rapper. It received much praise as it highlighted the work of a devoted artist, something Cullum takes pride in himself.

With a toe in every pond, Cullum strives to delve deep into his passions and projects and see where they take him. From the dance studio, to a canvas, to on the big screen, who knows where you'll find him next.

Cullum on set
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